M3K Beauty
“Being a new company in the massive Anti Aging industry, I made a lot of mistakes choosing the wrong public relations and marketing companies, wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars with absolutely nothing to show for it. I was lucky enough to meet the team from Distinctive Assets and after two years working together I have to admit that they are without a doubt one of the main reasons behind our whirlwind success. The amazing press we have received cannot be purchased at any price. Seeing the camera cut to my products during the Academy Awards red carpet pre shows, on the Ellen DeGeneres Show and on multiple morning news programs across the US not only blew my mind but has my team packing orders until the early hours of the morning! Thank you Distinctive Assets for treating me as one of your family and helping my company to become a success!” – Kim Johnston, Founder

Tumi Luggage
Tumi garnered MILLIONS of dollars worth of press exposure (according to their internal estimates) based on their involvement with Distinctive Assets. A basic cost of goods investment and a nominal placement fee resulted in an impressive ROI. Their exposure has included product highlights (by name and product shot) on Extra, The Today Show, Access Hollywood, Inside Edition, The Tonight Show and The Rosie O’Donnell Show … and their luggage even flew into space with Lance Bass.

To quote one of Colgate-Palmolive’s team leaders: “Distinctive Assets is one of the best values I have ever come across.” They have signed multi-show, multi-year deals with us that have allowed for both short and long-term returns. They have received both nationwide exposure as well as strategic placements in some of their key local markets (such as Chicago). By participating in multiple events, they have benefited from the law of averages approach to netting substantial returns; the more times at bat the higher the chances of a home run.

The maker of the George Foreman Grill is perhaps one of our greatest success stories. For a $5,000 investment, they received an on-air highlight during the GRAMMY Awards telecast by presenters Ray Romano and Kevin James (who fought over the physical product on stage and were then queried by multiple-GRAMMY winner Alicia Keys if she could have the grill). A value conservatively estimated at approximately $500K. Kevin James loved his gift so much, he wrote the George Foreman Grill into the script of two separate episodes of The King of Queens. Being integrated into the script of long-running successful network television show has a significance that far outweighs the value of even a $100K commercial during the show.

With a backstage presence at the Kids’ Choice Awards and the World Stunt Awards, HypnoSkates was introduced to a Who’s Who of Hollywood who had an opportunity to try on the skates and pick their own style and color choices. In the category of “you never know what will come out of buying a lottery ticket,” Jackie Chan was so impressed with the product that he began negotiations to license the product under his name in Asia.

Leading Jewelers of the World
The promotion was simple and straight forward: Place expensive diamonds and jewelry on GRAMMY talent. Leveraging relationships with stylists, publicists and talent, Distinctive Assets achieved placements for red carpet ensembles and/or on-stage costumes with Patti LaBelle, Natalie Cole, Mya, Angie Stone and Nancy O’Dell (who also wore a second piece on a later edition of Access Hollywood with a rolling-screen credit to the designer). Celine Dion was introduced to the product line at the GRAMMYs and selected a $29 million dollar piece to wear for the closing number of her subsequent CBS television special.

Dasas Flops
It was a last-minute addition to a gift basket for select talent from one of our showroom vendors. The $170 Swarovski crystal flip flops were consequently placed in InStyle Magazine through Distinctive Assets’ PR Department and over 1,500 pairs were sold!

Coal and Canary Candle Company
“The concept of Coal and Canary Candle company came into fruition one evening over a glass of wine, mostly as an excuse to spend more time together. As avid candle enthusiasts, we discovered there was a gap in the market for high-quality candles that were catered toward young professionals who cared about aesthetics, strong design and impeccably crafted products at an attainable price point. This is exactly what we set out to achieve. After an evening of goal planning, we decided that among our ten year goals was to be included in a celebrity swag bag, a marketing opportunity that we never imagined could happen for our small Canadian startup. After reaching out to Distinctive Assets inquiring how to be considered for one of the gift bags we were amazed by the guidance and support their team provided us. We had the amazing opportunity to have our product featured in both the “Everyone Wins” and GRAMMY swag bags that same year! As a new startup only three months in business, this opportunity was both exciting and frightening! Distinctive Assets was incredibly helpful and guided us through every step of the process. Their customer service and genuine care for helping businesses is unparalleled. The press and exposure we received from participating in these gift bags was definitely worth it and since then our candles are now sold in roughly 200 retail locations across North America and overseas. Our company has expanded to five employees and our business continues to grow exponentially in a way that would not have been possible without working with Distinctive Assets.” – Tom Jansen and Amanda Buhse, Co-Founders

Contemporary Baby
Contemporary Baby, a small Ohio-based company, was asked to participate in our “Everyone Wins” Nominee Gift Bag. The owner of the company was able to leverage her involvement to also secure a local newspaper feature and two local television interviews for herself. Distinctive Assets specifically mentioned the Contemporary Baby product during interviews with both of the Ohio stations who participated in the “Everyone Wins” Satellite Media Tour as well as during a Columbus radio interview set up by Contemporary Baby. Just based on the local media attention they received (and in large part generated themselves), Contemporary Baby reported the following results:

Direct-to-consumer sales increased more than 100% over previous months in the 3 days following the local television interviews. Sales have continued to rise since then as well.

An additional retailer in Ohio was added and another is very interested. Two other Columbus-based businesses have contacted them about working collaboratively.

During the first week following the Oscars, more than 5,300 potential customers visited the Contemporary Baby Web site. This figure represents 54% of their total Web traffic during the preceding 12 months.

They also increased the number of subscribers to their electronic newsletter by more than 50%.

The Sak/Elliott Lucca
It’s no secret that the handbag business is fiercely competitive. Distinctive Assets has given The Sak and Elliott Lucca brands the edge necessary to stand out from the crowd while generating significant Hollywood buzz and increased sales with a results-oriented, multi-faceted program. Over the years, not only have The Sak and Elliott Lucca handbag brands experienced increased sales as a direct result of event participation, but they’ve also garnered significant press across all forms of media, from TV and consumer print to Internet. Furthermore, The Sak and Elliott Lucca have been given the opportunity to interact one-on-one with high-profile celebrities at key events. In addition to these priceless introductions, we encourage our clients to nurture and grow these relationships to further the development of the brand/celebrity relationship. For example, Sarah Jessica Parker personally called the brands’ PR Director to say thank you for her holiday gifts!

Escada Sport, in an effort to target a more youthful audience, decided that participation in our GRAMMY Talent Lounge would provide the perfect opportunity to reach this precise demographic. However, they were skeptical about the benefits after participating in an unofficial Sundance lounge that netted no celebrities of note and therefore no useable photographs. Not only did they have the opportunity to put the Escada Sport product in the hands of dozens of A-list talent, but they were able to have five top female celebrities, including Teri Hatcher, Mary J. Blige, Kelly Clarkson, Kelly Rowland and Jennifer Love Hewitt, pose for photographs in an Escada Sport ski bomber jacket. Their PR team is currently using these photos to pitch the brand to a number of media outlets and receiving incredibly positive feedback.

Coolway Inc.
“Thank you Distinctive Assets for the great response and sales being the official hair tool sponsor of this year’s “Everyone Wins” Swag Bag for key Oscar Nominees. We brought in 3 times the revenue on what we spent for the cost of promotion and samples and received a lot of branding pull as well. Looking forward to doing it with you again next year.” – Joseph Sherman, CEO

Jan Lewis Designs
“We had an amazing awards season, and Jan Lewis Designs products benefitted from great local, national and international exposure thanks to our second-year partnership with Distinctive Assets. We worked to capitalize greatly on this opportunity. There were extensive prominent press mentions for Jan Lewis Designs products in online news and entertainment sites. Plus we revved up our own PR efforts and secured several television video and radio interviews by leveraging the credibility of being part of the “Everyone Wins” gift bags. This year our efforts opened the door to great fashion blogger relationships and two online contest give-aways that sent our social media skyrocketing! We are thrilled to be a part of the Distinctive Assets family!” – Jan Lewis