Lash Fary didn’t just corner the market on award show celebrity product placement; he literally invented it. Referred to as the “Gift Guru” or “Sultan of Swag,” Lash consistently conjures up sensational ideas and innovative ways for brands to connect with Hollywood’s elite in order to promote themselves through mind share, as well as traditional and social media platforms.

Distinctive Assets has worked exclusively with top award shows including the GRAMMY® Awards, Latin GRAMMYs®, Tony Awards, American Music Awards, BET Awards, Kids’ Choice Awards and Academy of Country Music Awards. Lash took a concept and transformed it into a proven industry standard and bona fide media obsession. With appearances on hundreds of television shows and mentions in thousands of news articles, Lash uses his profile, media clout and reputation to shine a spotlight on brands and causes.

Check out the recent profile about Lash in the Hollywood Reporter for a clearer snapshot:

“The Curator Behind 20 Years’ Worth of $30,000 Grammys Gift Lounge Swag Bags”